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For those who'd like to learn the Tradable Patterns approach to technical analysis, a 1hr webinar hosted by Interactive Brokers is now available. Click here for details and to register for the archived stream.

Today's Top 3 Trades provides technical analysis on 3 CME/ICE commodity/index futures or spot FX markets (with coverage for 2 markets from a designated asset class(es) for each weekday as seen in the Watchlist), plus the top trade idea for the day from any asset class. All 3 markets covered are selected based on their likelihood to exhibit trend reversal or continuation during the week that begins on the day of coverage, based on technical analysis and news flow. For instance, Monday coverage is on 2 Agris (and potentially 1 Index), while Tuesdays are devoted to 2 Indices (and potentially 1 Soft).

The multiple timeframe analysis seen in the chart screenshots adds perspective to trade ideas, and instills discipline in the trade. By comparing the analysis across different timeframes, one can often observe conflicting signals, and most importantly, one can patiently await confirmation across key timeframes before expressing a view on the market. Notes are provided for the Weekly/Daily/4hr charts with the hourly charts included for reference.

Markets profiled are in the process of forming major or intermediate bottoms and tops or which are exhibiting strong momentum. As major and intermediate trend changes take months or even more than a year to complete, potential market turns will be discussed early by a few weeks and months in some cases to allow a trader time to mentally and financially prepare for a significant move.

To ensure the charts display well, some of the annotations (text labels) include abbreviations. See the table below for reference.

AbbreviationFull Word

Email [email protected] if you're unclear on any other abbreviations used.