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The markets featured in Today's Top 3 Trades are displayed in order of Tradable Patterns' confidence in the trade setup's profitability, with the most optimal trade setups at the top of the list.

Multiple timeframe charts are provided daily for a subset of Watchlist markets which appears interesting on an intramonth/intraweek basis. The multiple timeframe analysis is meant to add perspective to trade ideas, and instill discipline in the trade. By comparing the analysis across different timeframes, one can often observe conflicting signals, and most importantly, one can patiently await confirmation across key timeframes before expressing a view on the market. Notes are provided for the Weekly/Daily/4hr charts with the hourly charts included for reference.

Markets profiled are in the process of forming major or intermediate bottoms and tops or which are exhibiting strong momentum. Markets which begin new intermediate or major trends are periodically profiled providing a reminder of the strong risk:reward opportunity in following the trend, and make room in the daily analysis for other trade setups that may be around the corner. As major and intermediate trend changes take months to complete, some profiled markets appear in Today's Top 3 Trades early by a few months and weeks, with the idea that a trader needs time to mentally and financially prepare for a significant move.

Because bottoming and topping action after several months of selloffs or rallies can often span weeks and even months, the weekly and daily charts featured on a daily basis along with their comments will not vary significantly from the previous few days' charts. The 4hr charts will update more, and are more critical to intraday trade setups, but also hint as to what could be in store for the daily and eventually the weekly chart. As explained in the Tutorials, it's best to wait for the trading signals to line up across all key timeframe charts (i.e. weekly/daily/4hr) before positioning for a trade.

To ensure the charts display well, some of the annotations (text labels) include abbreviations. See the table below for reference.

AbbreviationFull Word

Email if you're unclear on any other abbreviations used.