Somsak Max (Berlin, Germany)

TradablePatterns.com (and Darren) provide an awesome service. I follow the blog daily to help guide my trading for the day and week. My first 3 trades, following the blog, were more than Ideal.

Trade 1: 600 USD
Trade 2: -85 USD
Trade 3: 900 USD.

All trades were conducted with only 1 contract. I highly recommend this service to any traders.

Martin Jiang (Ann Arbor, United States)

I have been watching the Top3 trade for a long time before I subscribe and it turns out Darren’s blog helps. He posted some really good enter signals on WTI and VIX. Darren often ask me how’s my trade going and I feel awkward when I don’t really trade, but it’s a good thing. If you subscribe tradable patterns, take the advantage and ask him questions.

Laura Contini (Piverone, Italy)

I do appreciate Tradable Patterns and the daily newsletter. Every morning I use to read the Top 3 Trades. I'm learning from Darren as I could manage intraday trading. It's very useful to me to see how he draws patterns on the charts and to read about how he takes decisions before a trade enter. Thank you for your help!

Bob Neill (Hattiesburg, United States)

I have been following your trade patterns fairly regularly and was particularly interested when they coincided with my cocoa trades. So far, I tend to swing trade and hold overnight positions. Your format interests me because I can possibly sleep a little bit better on certain nights.

9 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. TradablePatterns provides some really good content. Both the Top3 trade and tutorials are very informative.
    I was able to make profits following the Top 3 trades.

    Darren is also a cool guy to deal with! He is very patient and answers my questions promptly.

  2. Thank you so much Darren for supporting your trades with your uncanny technical analysis. Very informative and probably the best there is on the market. I have tried other sunscriptions and they pale into nothing compared to YOURS. For traders wanting a long term views based on daily and weekly candles tradablepatterns is for YOU. Thank you so much Darren for giving me/us the opportunity to trade and LEARN from pro like yourself.

  3. Thanks much Darren for your support. I find your site pretty much useful to me.

    As a breakout trader myself, I love your channel breakouts.

    Honestly speaking, earlier I did not use to read the comments, just looked at the charts. Recently started reading them and find good logic behind your thoughts and recommendations. They are practically perfect, brief and to the point. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Thanks again

  4. Darren,

    You are doing a great job and you supply a valuable service to the trading community. I always check out your posts on IB’s TWS. Your trades for light crude futures were right on during the past volatile months for oil.

  5. Darren has been a very cool guy from the start with me 3 years ago when I started my trading Journey.

    He´s very calm way has helped me immensly and now that Im back in touch with him we can finally have a conversation where I actually understand what he does and let me tell you its excelent! I only follow gold and coffee but I read everyday Darrens blog as I found it very useful and im ready to start trading more tickers!

    Thanks Darren! Keep up the hard and GOOD work!

  6. I am more of a long term investment and fixed income person. So when it comes to short term FX and futures trade, I got to admit I am not too proficient at it. Ever since I became a member here, I have been a beneficiary of Darren’s articles and trade calls. I don’t do a lot of FX trades, but still sometimes it’s good to have a reliable source like Tradable Patterns to give me a strong conviction of my own trade setup. Most of the technical analysis forum I been to merely gives you support and resistance levels and tend to be purely “neutral”. Tradable Patterns is the only site that gives bold trade calls and very clear buy or sell decisions. I will say most of the time it’s a good call.

    I will strongly recommend you to be a member of this site if you haven’t. Of course, don’t solely rely on the site to trade, you must have your own trade plan.

    – Kheng Seng

  7. Compared to a lot of market commentators, Darren’s market commentary is very easy to follow and understand. For either a trading novice or someone with a few years under their belt, the assistance that “Tradable Patterns” provides is beyond exceptional!!

  8. Hi Darren

    I like your analysis very much. I use it to confirm my own ideas.
    I cannot compare your service to others, you are unic.

    It is very helpfull for me. I enter position intraday and exit at the and of days. So “Tradable Patterns” gives me an idea about the direction o the market.

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