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Why Top Hedge Funds Follow Tradable Patterns

Top quant HFs were previously getting far too much Tradable Patterns content freely off LSEG (Refinitiv). Tradable Patterns now only uploads premium content onto LSEG.

  • Most traditional global macro research (on equity indices, commodities and FX) is fundamental-focused and underweights technical analysis.
  • Traditional technical analysis providers offer overly verbose content, with few making use of multiple timeframes.
  • Tradable Patterns provides intuitive visual daily content that takes 1-2min to read per market analysis
  • Long/medium/short-term support/resistance levels more easily seen through charts
  • Tradable Patterns aggressively calls long/medium-term trend reversals as they’re forming, and well before traditional providers and the herd
  • Tradable Patterns previously offered daily cross asset coverage for 2014-2023, and now publishes weekly

Tradable Patterns provided in 2021-2022 biweekly Bitcoin/crypto industry content to ICE as well as a weekly fundamental analysis on BTCUSD (Bitcoin), ETHUSD (Ethereum) and Ripple (XRPUSD) and a crypto industry recap

At Tradable Patterns’ peak following in summer 2021, 500+ hedge funds, banks, asset managers, corporates downloaded content made available freely on Bloomberg, LSEG, Factset

Meet our Partners

Our comprehensive suite of partners range from content distribution partners, prop trading firms, hedge funds to VC funds.

We’ve worked with some of the biggest exchanges.

Enhance your trading/investment journey with Tradable Patterns.

  • Gain timely trading inspiration through technical analysis.
  • Learn about high performance Hedge Fund and VC funds, Seed-Series A startups and PE deals.
  • Experience growth in Asia.