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Week's Top 3 Trades will begin publishing June 17 and will take a similar format to Today's Top 3 Trades which will be discontinued June 13, where technical analysis will be provided on 3 futures markets from the Watchlist which appear to have the highest chance in the coming week to reverse a prior/existing trend or to extend a current trend.

Until June 13, Tradable Patterns publishes:

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Beginning June 13, Tradable Patterns publishes:

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  2. Sugar Daily

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  4. Week's Top 3 Trades

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Top 10 Hedge Fund Ranking June 2022

Today's Top 3 Trades (Agris, Indices, Metals/Energy, FX, Indices)

Today's Top 3 Trades offers technical analysis on 3 CME/ICE commodity/index futures or spot FX markets (with coverage for 2 markets from a designated asset class(es) for each weekday as seen in the Watchlist), plus the top trade idea for the day from any asset class. All 3 markets covered are selected based on their likelihood to exhibit trend reversal or continuation during the week that begins on the day of coverage, as determined by technical analysis and news flow. For instance, Monday coverage is on 2 Agris (and potentially 1 Index), while Tuesdays are devoted to 2 Indices (and potentially 1 FX market).

In October 2019, among 92 content contributors on Interactive Brokers' IB Traders' Insight, Tradable Patterns ranked #4 in page views.

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Factset March 13, 2023 S&P500 (ES) Technical Analysis

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Today's Top 3 Trades tries to publish each trading day pre-London (before 6am GMT), analysing commodity and equity index futures and spot FX primarily, with periodic coverage of the VIX futures.  Knowledge for the specific market discussed, along with experience trading on leverage using technical analysis will be assumed.  

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Coffee Daily

Get your coffee today? You can now enjoy your brew with Coffee Daily - Tradable Patterns' daily Arabica and Robusta Coffee Futures technical analysis newsletter. Write to [email protected] for pricing details and sample reports.

Coffee Daily

Crypto Weekly Outlook

Technical Analysis for 10 coins from the top 50 in market cap that are most interesting for the coming week from a TA standpoint.

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If you represent an institution and are interested in Fundamental analysis on ETHUSD, BTCUSD and on the industry, please write to [email protected] for the institutional edition available each last Sunday of each month.

Sample from report (Nov 28, 2021) right before a deepening in the crypto market correction.


ICE Futures Singapore Bitcoin Biweekly Commentary


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