Each weekday, Tradable Patterns provides technical analysis on 3 markets which it considers worth monitoring for trend reversals or continuation during the day or week of coverage. Markets analysed are ordered by how favourable the risk:reward presented by the trade idea appears, with the idea at the top deemed to be the highest conviction trade for the day. As many of the trade setups and momentum plays are ongoing ideas inspiring trades over a span of weeks and months, many of the markets analysed reappear in Today's Top 3 Trades frequently over a span of weeks to months. The markets covered are a subset of those featured in the Tradable Patterns Watchlist. When one of the markets on the watchlist but not in Today's Top 3 Trades appears to provide better risk:reward on trade entry for the current day than an existing newsletter market, it gets promoted onto the newsletter, bumping off the idea that no longer qualifies as a top 3 idea for the day.

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Bloomberg now features Today's Top Trade

Bloomberg now features Today's Top Trade

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Click on headlines of articles contributed by Tradable Patterns to open up article content within IB Traders' Insight.

Click on headlines of articles contributed by Tradable Patterns to open up article content within IB Traders' Insight

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Today's Top 3 Trades publishes each trading day pre-London (before 6am GMT), analysing commodity and equity index futures and spot FX primarily, with periodic coverage of interest rate futures and cryptocurrencies.  Knowledge for the specific market discussed, along with experience trading on leverage using technical analysis will be assumed.  

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All Tradable Patterns website and offline content is meant to be educational and not a recommendation to buy/sell nor to be interpreted as advice. Futures, spot FX and cryptocurrency trading is for those with high risk tolerance, due to inherent leverage.  Please always do your own due diligence. For a better understanding of these products, feel free to refer to Tradable Patterns' Tutorials and Workshops.

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