Tradable Patterns will on most weeks, disclose an average of 2-5 round trip trades, lasting a few days to a week on average. Most of these trades will fall between 2am-10am EST, and will involve markets that are profiled in Today's Top 3 Trades. Trade levels will be determined through a combination of the technical analysis provided in Today's Top 3 Trades along with updated fundamental and technical analysis pertinent around the time of the trade.

Entries/Exits will be accessible beginning today on a trial basis until the end of February 2016.

Entries/Exits and all other Tradable Patterns content do not constitute an advisory and do not make recommendations. Entries/Exits merely documents actual trade entries/exits within a personal trading account for purposes of supplementing the trading education offered throughout this website. Please do your own due dilligence ahead of any trades in your own account. Entries/Exits is not available to anyone domiciled in Singapore/Hong Kong.

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