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Mon-Fri technical analysis on ICE Coffee, Cocoa, Sugar for commodity traders/brokers | Weekly commodity/index futures/FX analysis on Bloomberg, LSEG, Factset

A passion for pattern recognition and curating top opportunities in hedge funds, VC funds and tech startups

Our comprehensive suite of professional services caters to a diverse community, ranging from family offices, conglomerates, hedge funds, fund of funds, VC funds to tech startups.

Mon-Fri Coffee/Cocoa/Sugar Reports

Daily technical analysis content geared towards commodity trading houses, conglomerates and brokerages

Weekly Crypto Content

Looking to relaunch a Sunday crypto newsletter format

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Stay tuned for trading of futures in live account via Topstep

Emerging Hedge Fund, VC Funds

Learn about top percentile risk:reward (Sharpe > 3) opportunities in hedge fund/managed futures offerings and VC funds (sector agnostic / crypto).

M&A Facilitation

Interested in healthcare, hospitality and education PE opportunities? Tradable Patterns is connected to owners of Asia-based 4-5 star hotels, high end restaurants and mid market F&B chains, hospitals, clinics, kindergarten and sports training operators.

Looking for Tech Startup Opportunities?

Receive a curated list of high growth tech startups (Seed-Series A) based in ASEAN region (half in Singapore) in fintech, e-commerce, e-Sports, medtech, semiconductors and agritech

Why Tradable Patterns?

Tradable Patterns has written about cross asset market cycles for 10+ years as seen in daily futures/FX/crypto newsletters)

Tradable Patterns has strong relationships within trading, hedge fund, VC, and startup ecosystems

Why Technical Analysis (TA)?

  • Fundamental analysis alone is terrible for timing trades/investments
  • TA helps provide objectivity and rules around entries/exits
  • TA incorporates everything public and private known about a market, and can be helpful for spotting insider actions (accumulation/dumping)

Tap into Asia Growth

  • Singapore where Tradable Patterns is based, offers a deep ecosystem of financial and commodity industry providers, tech startups, VC funds and numerous other opportunities in established growth industries (via Private Equity buyout opportunities)
  • Experience growth in Asia starting with SE Asia, HQed from Singapore

Regular readers of Tradable Patterns have included the world’s largest asset manager and 4 of the 10 largest hedge funds by AUM.  If you’d like to potentially license newsletters or would like to receive Bloomberg, LSEG and Factset readership reports, write to [email protected].