3 Year Trading Challenge (Zero to Hero)

The balance of funds from the trading challenge account (at Interactive Brokers) has been moved to a new CMC Markets account to allow for more precise control over risk exposure through smaller minimum CFD contract sizes (than with underlying futures). The new CMC account has just begun trading after funding of SGD 2600 (as seen in the Day 1 statement below). As CMC only provides daily and monthly statements, monthly statement updates will be provided at the beginning of each month. The objective will be to grow the CMC Markets account back to SGD 5k (from the initial June 1st SGD 3500 balance) before moving it back to Interactive Brokers. The initial 30 Day Trading Challenge was upgraded to a 3 Month Trading Challenge, and most recently lengthened to a 3 Year Trading Challenge.

Statement Wk 1-7 (Jun 1-Jul 19, 2017)

CMC Statement for Day 1 (following transfer of funds from IB on Sep 11, 2017)

CMC Oct 2018 Statement (balance: SGD 2,691.71)

CMC Sep 2018 Statement (balance: SGD 4,182.92)

CMC Aug 2018 Statement (balance: SGD 2,414.33)

CMC July 2018 Statement (balance: SGD 3,449.54)

CMC June 2018 Statement (balance: SGD 3,312.74)

CMC May 2018 Statement (balance: SGD 2,794.38)

CMC April 2018 Statement (balance: SGD 2,779.79)

CMC March 2018 Statement (balance: SGD 2,376.73)

CMC February 2018 Statement (balance: SGD 2,543.35)

CMC January 2018 Statement (balance: SGD 2,718.06)

CMC December 2017 Statement (balance: SGD 2,840.35)

CMC November 2017 Statement (balance: SGD 2,670.31)

CMC October 2017 Statement (balance: SGD 2,625.79)

CMC September 2017 Statement (balance: SGD 2,469.80)

Snapshots of my previous trading performance are included below. Trades are inspired by the ideas shared in Today's Top 3 Trades.

8 Month Mark

17.2% Return Non-Annualized (Apr 14-Dec 14, 2015)

Tradable Patterns Ltd funded Apr 14, 2015 with USD 153k (statement Prior Period Total displays 153604.29 due to day 1 P&L)
Trading Statements (Tradable Patterns Ltd) Apr 14-Dec 14, 2015

6 Month Mark

37.4% Return Non-Annualized (Mar 19-Sep 21, 2015; Sep 19 fell on weekend)

Tradable Patterns Pte Ltd funded Mar 19, 2015 with USD 100k (statement Prior Period Total displays 99317.10 due to day 1 P&L)
Trading Statements (Tradable Patterns Pte Ltd) Mar 19-Sep 21, 2015