Investing 101

Interested in learning how to invest? There's no better way to learn than through a hands on experience with both a demo and a live account with Capital Trust Group (CTG) and with educational support for aspiring investors/traders.

Tradable Patterns is partnering with CTG and SSRU (Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University) to launch various courses geared towards those new to investing in US equities and ETFs. Much of the focus in the introductory courses will be on equity investing in globally recognized names, with live accounts preloaded with some cash as well as shares of Apple, Tesla, Manchester United and Bitcoin's Toronto Stock Exchange-listed ETF. The mix of shares included will vary depending on the course package selected.

Each student will also be provided a demo account with USD 1M, and will have access to educational videos and live stream webinars explaining the principles of longer term investing in equities and ETFs in a manner similar to that of billionaire fund managers.

Stay tuned for other membership offerings that provide more advanced education in trading (e.g. technical analysis, risk management, short selling, futures) and cryptocurrencies.