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to freely access technical analysis on the monthly and weekly charts of 5 equity/ETF markets, updated Saturdays.

Latest trades published for Premium Members Nov 11th.

* ** In the table below, to simplify the calculation of P&L on profiled trades, Entries are assumed at the daily closing price prior to the Entry dates, while Exits are assumed at the daily opening price on the Exit dates.

Equity/ETFExchangeSymbol (Click for Details)Entry DateEntry Price *Exit DateExit Price **P&L (%)
Antero ResourcesNYSEARApr 171.38Jun 103.96187
BoeingNYSEBAApr 17154Jun 10211.1737.1
BPNYSEBPMay 2222.98Jun 1026.8917.0
Avis BudgetNYSE CARApr 1714.03Jun 1029.01106.8
CarnivalNYSECCLApr 1712.56Jun 1021.3770.1
WTI Crude Oil ETF (Invesco, yield optimized)NYSEDBOApr 255.34Jun 106.9430
Entertainment Prop TrustNYSEEPRApr 1724.58Jun 1042.1571.5
ExpediaNYSEEXPEApr 1763.22Jun 1089.3641.3
Gold Miners ETFNYSEGDXApr 1729.94Jun 1033.4911.9
Gilead SciencesNYSEGILDApr 1783.99Jun 1077.8(7.3)
Energy Company ETFNYSEIXCApr 1718.24Jun 1022.8425.2
Global Airlines ETFNYSEJETSApr 1714.35Jun 1019.6336.8
Kraft HeinzNYSEKHCMay 2229.95Jun 1033.0910.5
MGM ResortsNYSEMGMApr 1714.08Jun 1022.4659.5
Norwegian Cruise Line HoldingsNYSENCLHApr 1712.38Jun 1022.7183.4
Prudential FinancialNYSEPRUApr 1753.24Jun 107133.4
Royal Caribbean CruisesNYSERCLApr 1737.39Jun 1067.8481.4
Royal Dutch Shell (Class A)NYSERDS.AApr 1735.48Jun 1036.873.9
Range ResourcesNYSERRCApr 174.65Jun 107.5762.8
Simon Property GroupNYSESPGApr 1756.12Jun 1087.5656.0
TevaNYSETEVAApr 1710.27Jun 1012.6423.1
Uranium Sector ETFNYSEURAApr 1710.11Jun 1011.3111.9
VEREITNYSEVERApr 174.92Jun 106.7537.2
Wells FargoNYSEWFCMay 925.43Jun 1032.327.0
Exxon MobilNYSEXOMApr 1743.22Jun 1053.523.8

Equities & ETFs has taken on a new format where it is now an Entries/Exits style service inspired by technical analysis on a collection of equities and ETFs. The 25 equities and ETFs initially profiled for their beaten down, trend reversal potential, between April 17 to May 22, 2020, have mostly ran up tremendously since then, and are assumed to be closed trades as of June 10th using the day's opening price. Congratulations to all Premium Members who profited from these long equity/ETF ideas soon after they were initially profiled.

I will look to explore new long/short trade ideas on Equities & ETFs with Premium Members with a target of 5 multi-week to multi-month swing trades each month. Technical analysis for Free Members will continue to be available each Saturday on the monthly and weekly charts for 3 Equity/ETF markets. Premium Members have access to monthly/weekly chart analysis on 5 Equity/ETF markets. Equities & ETFs complements Today's Top 3 Trades, Crypto Weekly Outlook, Big Picture, Positions, and is made available in addition to Whatsapp support to all Premium Members.

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