Equities & ETFs


to freely access technical analysis on the monthly and weekly charts of 3 equity/ETF markets, updated Saturdays.

Latest trades published for Premium Members Jan 7th.

Past Signals (from Jun '20 launch to Nov '20)

Equities & ETFs is an Entries/Exits style service inspired by technical analysis on a collection of equities and ETFs. I look to explore new long/short trade ideas on Equities & ETFs with Premium Members with a target of 5 multi-week to multi-month swing trades each month. Technical analysis for Free Members is available each Saturday on the monthly and weekly charts for 3 Equity/ETF markets. Premium Members have access to monthly/weekly chart analysis on 5 Equity/ETF markets.

Equities & ETFs complements Today's Top 3 Trades, Crypto Weekly Outlook, Big Picture, Positions, and is made available in addition to Whatsapp support to all Premium Members.

Sample of technical analysis available as part of Equities & ETFs to Free Members:

Today's Top 3 Trades, Equities & ETFs, Coffee Daily, Crypto Weekly Outlook and all other Tradable Patterns content do not constitute an advisory and do not make recommendations, but can supplement your own analysis. Please do your own due diligence ahead of any trades.