Arabica Coffee (KC) Testing 5 Month Daily Chart Downtrend Resistance

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    Each day, the top 3 setups and/or momentum trade ideas (from the Watchlist) is presented. All markets analysed are ordered by how favourable the risk:reward presented by the trade idea appears, with the market listed at the top deemed at the time the screenshots are captured to be the highest conviction trade for the day. As many of the trade setups and momentum plays are ongoing ideas inspiring trades over a span of weeks and months, many of the markets analysed in Today's Top 3 Trades reappear frequently over a span of weeks to months, with technical analysis updated for each day they appear in the newsletter. When one of the markets on the Watchlist but not in Today's Top 3 Trades appears to provide better risk:reward on trade entry for the current day than an existing newsletter market, it gets promoted onto the newsletter, bumping off the idea that no longer qualifies as a top 3 idea for the day.

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