Exited GBPJPY Long; Holding Soybean (ZS), Wheat (ZW), Corn (ZC) Longs

Entries/Exits is now available in a new format where intraweek/intramonth trades within my account will be profiled. I'll be posting these transactions as quickly as possible following each trade entry or exit. No additional analysis is provided for each trade, as these markets that I trade in my account are typically already analysed within the daily Newsletter (Today's Top 10 Trades). I will only be publishing Entries/Exits for intraweek or multiweek trades. In my personal account, I may trade intraday but will not publish these intraday trades as there are too many of them to profile and they don't last long enough to be effectively analysed.

GBPJPY Weekly/Daily/4hr/Hourly

Jan 13, 2016: BOT 2 lots (200k) @ 170.7 (blue triangle), Stopped @ 170.5, 170.4
Re-entered 3 lots (300k) @ 170.05, 170.09, 170.39
Took profit @ 170.61, 170.75, 170.80

- had to exit early before hitting initial TP levels as risk was selling off
- BOE announces rate decision @ 7am EST, and best to be flat ahead of looming spike in volatility
- will look to re-enter long post-rate decision

GBPJPY Entries/Exits

Still holding Soybean (ZS), Wheat (ZW), Corn (ZC) longs as described in yesterday's post and awaiting Silver (SI) long setup

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