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  • Time to Bargain Hunt after Silver Plunge?
  • Time to Bargain Hunt after Silver Plunge?
  • Time to Bargain Hunt after Silver Plunge?
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Time to Bargain Hunt after Silver Plunge?

Silver (Wkly/Dly/4hr/Hrly) Charts

Commodities exhibited a mixed performance yesterday, with some watchlist markets like Natural Gas forging ahead on a new uptrend, while others like Arabica Coffee inched closer towards a tradable bottom. Silver was the worst performer of the day among all of my watchlist markets with it plunging to what appears to be a descending wedge… Read More

Sit Tight and Await 2pm EST FOMC

Nasdaq100 (Wkly/Dly/4hr/Hrly) Charts

Best to be cautious ahead of today’s FOMC announcement at 2pm EST. There’ll likely be minimal market movement leading up to the FOMC, and it may pay to just take the day off trading (for those who trade intraday), and prepare for the opportunities that await post FOMC. Cotton (ICE CT Dec14) Weekly/Daily/4hr/Hourly CT provided… Read More

GBPUSD About to Resume Upside

Natural Gas (Wkly/Dly/4hr/Hrly) Charts

British Pound Philadelphia Index Weekly The British Pound index continues bottoming on the weekly chart, and should be close to resuming its upside after several days of consolidating. The MACD black line continues moderating in its negative slope, while the RSI and Stochastics climb slowly out of oversold territory. Let’s take a look at the… Read More

S&P500 (ES), Nasdaq100 (NQ) Back to Breakdown Range

VIX (Wkly/Dly/4hr/Hrly) Charts

VIX (CFE VIX Nov14) Weekly/Daily/4hr/Hourly The VIX had a decent bounce yesterday off of support (prior resistance) in the 17-17.5 range (as seen in the daily chart). Adding to the cautiously bullish case of the VIX near-term, on the weekly chart, the VIX can argubaly have bounced yesterday off of an upchannel support line. Despite… Read More

Cotton (CT) Ready to Resume Upside

Buxl Daily Chart

Cotton (ICE CT Dec14) Weekly/Daily/4hr/Hourly After yesterday’s late session rally, CT appears like it’s just about finished consolidating, and ready to form a higher low (as seen in the daily chart). On the 4hr chart, CT’s approaching downchannel resistance, but given the rising (or about to be rising) RSI, Stochastics and MACD across the weekly,… Read More

AUDUSD, EURUSD about to Resume Rally

USDX (Wkly/Dly/4hr/Hrly) Charts

AUDUSD Weekly/Daily/4hr/Hourly The AUDUSD continues consolidating nicely around a prior major bottom (as seen in the weekly chart). The .8625 to .8875 sideways channel it currently sits within will likely resolve to the upside in the next session or so as the weekly, daily and 4hr RSI, Stochastics and MACD are all bullishly sloping up… Read More

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